It says my email address or mobile number has already been used


You're probably seeing this message as you may have tried to register on OSN+ with that email address or mobile number already. Note that your account is created on OSN+ once you complete the first step in the registration journey "Create an Account".

If you're trying to sign up for OSN+, here's how you can complete the sign up:

  1. Attempt to login with your registered email address by clicking on this icon 

  2. If you do not know or have forgotten your password, reset your password from the Login window. For more information, refer to the Password Setting on OSN+ article.

  3. Go to Settings

  4. Click on the Manage Subscription

  5. Click on Start ne subscription

  6. Once the payment details are successfully authenticated and charged, your subscription will be activated. 

  7. You will see a confirmation on your screen

If you haven't done this and think something isn't quite right, please submit a ticket via this link

Submit a request – OSN+