How do I set Profiles


Now you can create up to 5 individual profile for your family members!

How do I do this? Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Manage Profiles
  • Click on Add Profile
  • Choose an avatar as a display icon for your profile
  • Set a name for the profile
  • Set Parental control restrictions on each profile from the following available options:
      • FAM: Suitable for the little ones
      • PG: For older kids with parental guidance
      • 15: Suitable for the Teens at home
      • 18: Only suitable for the adults
  • You can also set a dedicated kids profile with the option of a kids lock which prevents a user from exiting a kids profile unless they provide the account password.  Note: To switch from the Kids Profile to any other profile you would have to enter your account password.