How can I pay for an OSN+ subscription with KNET?


If you are based in Kuwait and want to sign up or renew a subscription to OSN+, you can choose KNET as your payment method.

On your laptop or mobile, visit and start signing up. Select KNET to see the price plans available with KNET:

1. Choose your preferred price plan with KNET and select ‘Continue’.

2. You will be redirected to the KNET portal for payment.

3. After successful payment, you should receive confirmation and can start watching immediately.

By choosing KNET, you'll be able to select a price plan for a specified length of time that is suitable for you. The longer your subscription lasts, the more you save.

Subscription Duration


Your Discount

1 Month

KWD 2.90

3 Months

KWD 2.73

Save 6%

6 Months

KWD 2.58

Save 11%

1 Year

KWD 29.00

Pay for 10 months and get 2 months at no extra cost

If you are an existing subscriber with an active subscription, you won’t be able to change your method of payment to KNET. If you are an existing customer who would like to renew your OSN+ subscription, you can choose KNET while renewing your subscription.

Please note that the free trial is unavailable with KNET plans. Please consider using another payment method if you’d like to use our 3-day free trial.

Customers who are paying for their subscription with KNET will not be able to cancel their subscription and will not be eligible to claim a refund. Your subscription will continue to be active until its expiry date.