How can I pay for OSN+ subscription with FawryPay?


If you are based in Egypt and would like to sign up or renew your OSN+ subscription, you can choose FawryPay as your method of payment.

On your laptop or mobile, visit and start your subscription. Payment plans with FawryPay will be automatically displayed for you.

1. Choose your preferred plan with FawryPay.

2. Enter your mobile number and select ‘Continue’.

3. You will see an on-screen message with FawryPay Reference Number, its expiry date and time, as well as payment instructions. Then, you will receive the same information via SMS and email.

4. Follow the instructions to complete payment at a Fawry retail outlet or via myFawry app. Please note that some Fawry retail outlets might charge a service fee.

5. After successful payment you should receive confirmation and can start watching within minutes.

If your reference code has expired, you can generate a new reference number or you can choose another method of payment.

You can find locations of Fawry outlets by visiting

To check plans available with FawryPay, please read this article.

If you are an existing subscriber with an active subscription, you won’t be able to change your method of payment. If you are an existing customer who would like to renew your OSN+ subscription, you can choose FawryPay while renewing your subscription.

We are sorry, but the free trial is not available with FawryPay. If you’d like to use our 3-day free trial, please consider signing up with a different method of payment.

You won’t be able to play or download any content until we receive your payment. However, you will be able to browse our library and add your favourite series or movies to your watch list. Once you make a payment, you’d be able to start streaming or downloading your favourite titles within minutes.

You can find your Fawry Pay reference number in one of these locations:

1. In the email sent to you by OSN+ and Fawry, OR

2. In the text message sent by Fawry, OR

3. On, by going to Account Settings > Manage Subscription.

Your FawryPay reference number is valid for 7 days. Once it expires, you can get a new reference code by going back to signup options, selecting FawryPay and your preferred price plan.

If you have made the payment, but you are still not able to watch or download content, please submit a ticket to our Customer Care team and we will sort it out for you.

For payment questions, you can also get in touch with Fawry by visiting or calling 16421.