How can I subscribe to OSN+ on my Apple TV?


Simply download the OSN+ app from the App Store on your Apple TV and follow the below steps:


1.     Launch the OSN+ app on your supported Apple TV.

2.     Select ‘Subscribe to OSN+’.

3.     Create your OSN+ account by entering your email and creating a new password.

4.     Select your preferred plan.

5.     You will be presented with a summary of your selected plan and billing details.

6.     Confirm your subscription with either your Apple Device or with your Password.

7.     You will be automatically shown a welcome message and directed to profile selection page

To cancel your subscription, navigate to Settings from the sidebar and follow the below steps:

1. Open Settings on Apple TV.

2. Go to Users and Accounts > [your account name] Subscriptions and select OSN+ subscription.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to change or cancel your subscription.

You can update your billing details from within the App Store by following the below steps:

1.     Within the App Store, go to your Account, sign in using your Apple ID

2.     On the Account Settings page, click the Payment Information section

3.     Update with your new credit card details

4.     Make sure to click Done to save the changes

5.     For detailed instructions with screenshots, please visit Apple's Change or remove your Apple ID payment information article.

To delete your OSN+ account, you must cancel your subscription first and then visit the following link:

OSN+ supports the following Apple TV devices running on tvOS 13.0 and later:


·       Apple TV HD (4th generation or later)

·       Apple TV 4K