Which price plans are available on OSN+?


Currently OSN+ is offering two price plans – Standard and Premium. Both price plans are available as monthly or annual subscriptions to suit your needs. With the annual subscription to Standard or Premium plan, you will pay for 10 months and get 2 months for no additional cost. So, it is highly recommended by us.

Our Premium plan is available across all our countries.

We are introducing an even more affordable Standard Plan for our customers in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq, Palestine, Algeria, and Libya.

Whether you choose Standard or Premium plan, you get unlimited access to all our TV shows, movies, documentaries, cartoons – there’s simply something to watch for everyone.

Plan Features

Standard Plan

Premium Plan

3-day free trial*



Video Quality



Number of screens to stream at the same time



*Applicable to new customers only. Not available for customers in Egypt signing up with FawryPay and for customers in Kuwait signing up with KNET.

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You can sign up using a variety of payment options. Our customers based in Egypt can also choose to sign up using FawryPay by selecting one of the plans available with FawryPay.