How can I download movies and series and start watching them?


OSN+ gives you over 10000+ hours of movies and series to watch on the go. Download over wi-fi and then watch offline at your convenience without spending your data.

To download your favorites, you’d need to have the latest OSN+ app version installed on your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile or tab with these OS versions:

  • For iOS mobile and tablets: starting from iOS 11.4 and later

  • For Android mobile and tablets: starting from Android 7.1 and later

This is how you can get started:

1. Find the title that you would like to download in the OSN+ library. You will see the Download button if the title is available for download.

2. Tap on the Download button to start downloading. Please make sure that you have enough storage.

3. Once the download starts, you can check its progress on the Download button or, if you are downloading an episode, next to the episode title. You can also see the progress of your downloads via push notifications if they are enabled on your device. If you’d like to check the progress of all titles that you are downloading, tap on the Downloads section on the navigation bar.

4. You can pause or cancel your download anytime by tapping on the Download button or the download icon. To cancel or pause multiple downloads, tap on the Downloads section on the navigation bar and then on the progress icon of every title that is being downloaded.

5. Once the download is completed, the progress icon will change to complete.

To start watching your downloaded movies & series:

We recommend staying logged in to your OSN+ app to access your downloaded content without an internet connection.

1. Sign in to your OSN+ App and select the Downloads tab.

2. Find the title you would like to watch and tap Play.

Note: Kids Profiles may not be able to watch all downloaded movies & series due to content restrictions.

The number of titles that you can download is limited. Once you reach the limit, you will be notified. Please note one title can be downloaded two times per account.

Yes. You can go into the ‘App Settings’ on your OSN+ app, select ‘Download Video Quality’ and choose your preferred video quality.

We try our best to make as many movies and series available for download. However, if a title isn’t available for download, we are not able to offer it due to the studio content rights restrictions.

Your mobile/tablet internal storage is used for the downloads. You will be able to see how much storage is left for downloads by going to Profile → App Settings → Internal Storage.

You can download the titles on up to 5 devices.

To delete a download, go to the Downloads section on your device and click on the Edit icon. You can select to delete individual titles or click on the button ‘Delete All’ to delete all downloads at once.

You can also delete all the downloads by going to Profile → App Settings and tapping on the button ‘Delete All Downloads’.

No, you do not require an internet connection to watch your downloaded movies & series.

If the title is downloaded but not played, the title will be available on your mobile or tablet for 30 days.

If you start playing the title, then the download will be available for 48 hours. You will see a countdown of how much time is left until the expiry. Once the download is expired, you will see the text ‘Expired’.

You can redownload the expired title once more, however you can download the same title only twice per account.

Yes. You can go into the ‘App Settings’ on your OSN+ app and toggle ON the ‘Download on Wi-Fi only’.

To ensure that no internet data is consumed, we recommend watching downloaded content only from the Downloads tab on your app. Playing content from elsewhere will lead to the app streaming the content.

You will be able to watch downloaded content in our service locations only: Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territory, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.